A popular and powerful psychedelic, typically used in two ways; either it is vapourised for a short 'breakthrough' experience, or it is taken in combination with an enzyme inhibitor for a long, intense trip this is also known as ayahuasca or pharmahuasca. Psychedelics are drugs which alter the perception, causing a number of mental effects which manifest in many forms including altered states of consciousness, visual or tactile effects.

Common drugs are those which are well known and widely used among the drug community. This doesn't necessarily mean they are safe, but it usually comes with a longer relative history of use in humans with which to establish a safety profile. Likelyhood of having a "breakthrough" experience increases with dose. They would not exist without him. Factsheet data is now cached locally - if you have visited a page you can now view it offline!

Are you a harm reduction organisation using TripSit? Let us know about you! Summary A popular and powerful psychedelic, typically used in two ways; either it is vapourised for a short 'breakthrough' experience, or it is taken in combination with an enzyme inhibitor for a long, intense trip this is also known as ayahuasca or pharmahuasca. Psychedelic Psychedelics are drugs which alter the perception, causing a number of mental effects which manifest in many forms including altered states of consciousness, visual or tactile effects.

Read more on TripSit Wiki Common Common drugs are those which are well known and widely used among the drug community.

DMT Trip: What to Expect

Intravenous Light mg Common mg Strong mg. Effects immersive experience, open eye visuals, radical perspective shifting, profound life-changing spiritual experiences, powerful rushing of sensation, change in perception of time, auditory hallucinations, color shifting, hard on lungs when smoking, stomach discomfort, difficulty integrating experiences, overwhelming fear.

Aliases n,n-dmt dimethyltryptamine. Marquis Orange. Vaporization C F. Half-life minutes. Caution Cannabis Cannabis has an unexpectedly strong and somewhat unpredictable synergy with psychedelics. Amphetamines Stimulants increase anxiety levels and the risk of thought loops which can lead to negative experiences Cocaine Stimulants increase anxiety levels and the risk of thought loops which can lead to negative experiences.

Unsafe Tramadol Tramadol is well known to lower seizure threshold and psychedelics also cause occasional seizures.N,N - d i m ethyl t ryptamine is a human neurotransmitter that modulates the vibrational frequency of one's consciousness. Administered exogenously at higher doses, DMT is a state-of-consciousness-altering tool psychedelic drug that shifts one's consciousness to higher densities of existence. DMT is the principal natural al chemical gateway to the template-level reality 4th density, lower astral realm and the Higher Mind 5th density, the 5th-dimensional self.

Many plants contain DMT, but when ingested orally, it never reaches the CNS because it is metabolized in the gut by the enzyme monoamine oxidase MAO — unless taken in conjunction with a MAO inhibitor MAOIas happens with ayahuascathe shamanic medicinal-hallucinogenic brew somehow discovered by South American indigenous peoples. When ingested this way, or even moreso when vaporized and inhaled, one is guaranteed — given a sufficient dose — to have the most incredible yet perfectly harmless experience in one's life.

Literally shifting into a completely different dimension of reality has that effect. One's jaw inevitably drops in utter astonishment in a manner reminiscent of children's cartoons as the reality that was believed to be solid is now an overly surrealistic circus of rapidly-shifting patterns.

And no ordinary patterns: unfathomably intricate fractal structures, "impossible" higher-dimensional shapes of extremely brightly colored objects, endlessly complex psychedelic landscapes, etc, are descriptions of some of the most "ordinary" visions in the DMT trance:. DMT is the greatest discovery "Western civilization" has ever made, but it is not aware of this. The ontology-shattering excessively modest people might say 'challenging' conundrums it instantaneously and pervasively presents to the initiate are — in the words of entheogenically-naive Dr.

Michio Kaku — "weirder than we can suppose". But not just a little weirder! Several orders of magnitude weirder; yet very, very real — in fact hyperreal. DMT is to perception what astronomy is to size, in the sense that they both put reality into perspective in relation to scale. Just as the Milky Way is 14 orders of magnitude larger than our planet and an electron is 15 orders of magnitude smaller than a grain of salt, etcDMT pervasively proves that the inside world of the mind is of a similar scale.

The feeling of doing DMT is as though one had been struck by noetic lightning. The ordinary world is almost instantaneously replaced, not only with a hallucination, but a hallucination whose alien character is its utter alienness. Nothing in this world can prepare one for the impressions that fill your mind when you enter the DMT sensorium.

DMT is a bottomless well of never ending confoundment, an unsolvable riddle of epic proportions spoken in alien tongues. This experience is not for everyone, and not all who choose to open the door deal well with the questions it raises.

It should never be undertaken lightly or treated in a casual manner. Those who approach it with little respect often pay a psychic price.

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Should you choose to proceed, be aware that integration issues may follow. What you find inside may change your life. It will almost certainly alter your deepest, most fundamental assumptions. And that is precisely the kind of ontological shock that dogmatic scientists who believe they are open-minded need — though it may be less daunting to begin with other methods.

DMT's ontoseismic shock is not "beginner friendly":.This is a compilation of reports of using N,N-dimethyltryptamine DMTusually by smoking, mostly derived from a compilation by a person named "Pup" which was posted in to the dmt.

Pup did not identify the sources of these reports, and they remain anonymous, providing raw observational data for reflection upon what the use of DMT reveals to us. If you recognize your words here then you can be proud of helping to bring to public awareness the discovery of an alternate reality and a new science. They are often seen 'at work', sometimes in maintaining reality — either 'our reality' or the reality experienced by a person in daily life.

The entities are in some ways very human, and express apparently human emotions, but they can be and usually are totally bizarre.

DMT-Nexus Publishes First Issue of New e-Zine: ‘The Nexian’

These reports are extremely diverse, but almost all of them mention amazing colors, mind-boggling fractal patterns and so on. Apparently anything is possible, and many trippers report being shocked, dumbfounded, astonished and totally unable to understand the experience. Fear and terror are often felt, but often also joy, sometimes during the same trip. It is common for a person to feel that they have died, and some even 'know' that they have died, lending credence to the hypothesis advanced already over 17 years ago in DMT and the Death State that the form of consciousness accessed via DMT is what we wake up into when we die thus suggesting that our physical embodiment is a kind of sleep and that our external-sensory experience is a kind of collective dream.

Frequently trippers remember having been there before perhaps before being born into their present physical existence? Many people report that the experience is life-changing, and that they will never be the same.

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For many the experience is an epiphany too profound to be expressible adequately using ordinary language. Myriad typos and spelling and grammatical errors in these reports have been corrected so as not to distract the reader's attention from what is being said.

There is too much here to read in one sitting. It is suggested to read ten reports each day, think about them, and at the end of 34 days reflect on what, collectively, they imply for our conception of reality this is especially recommended for academic philosophers.

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In any scientific body of knowledge 'objective' means intersubjectively verifiable by competent observers. The reports of apparently independently-existing entities in the DMT world confirm that the existence of these entities is intersubjectively verifiable, and thus that they have an objective existence. That is the intention of this compilation, rather than to provide a guide for those who would venture into DMT hyperspace although it does that too.

dmt nexus trip reports

This compilation was done by Peter Meyer and published on this Serendipity website on My final memory is being in absolute nothingness, except for one spirit.Magic Medicine is an armchair adventurer's guide to all substances psychedelic. From ayahuasca to LSD you'll find it in the 23 fascinating chapters of this illustrated hardcover. With mind-blowing facts and lore about psychedelic fish, "mad" Himalayan honey, and even the pitch-bending "audio hallucinogen" DiPT, even veteran trippers will learn something new.

Click here to learn more! He talks about the relationship between language and the psychedelic experience:.

This is what we do, as humans. Because I was thinking with the human mind. My greatest work with DMT comes when I just let go completely. We talk away a lot of our life experience, ironically, for the sake of validating it for ourselves. We do not know how to have genuine experiences, and just have them. That was like a death sentence to me. You know, we need to become more the embodiment of our experiences, and less the orators of them.

We talk away a lot of our life experience. We want a reason for things. And …honestly, my greatest work with DMT comes when I just let go completely. If that preview piqued your interest, go take a look at the rest of the issue! Well done, DMT-Nexus team. Liked this post? If you like my blog, check out my new book, Magic Medicinean armchair adventurer's guide to all things psychedelic. From ayahuasca to LSD, you'll find it in the 23 fascinating chapters of this illustrated hardcover.

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All Rights Reserved. Powered by WordPress. My new book Magic Medicine is now available! Antony with a member of the Secoya tribe in Ecuador. Or enter your email address for weekly updates:. Share this:. Recent Posts. The Science of Microdosing Psychedelics Why millions of dollars are being poured into further research.So, your psy-sense has been tingling at the mention of this mysterious drug said to be able to make your soul do backflips in worlds unknown and dimensions incomprehensible to the human mind.

Read on to find out what you can expect from the DMT experience. First things first: You should know that DMT is not to be taken lightly. We are talking about one of the most powerful psychedelic compounds known to man. Visiting the realms to which this substance can take you can forever change how you look at life. The 4 hydroxy molecules in psilocin allow it to be metabolized when administered orally, whereas freebase N,N-DMT gets broken down in the body by monoamine oxidases.

The smell of the smoke is often compared to that of burning plastic, and the sensation of inhaling it to your lungs melting.

Aside from ease of smoking, changa also provides richer and more stable experiences; varying the herbal contents can bring different aspects of the trip to the foreground and make it less overwhelming. Thus, changa usually serves to facilitate more mellow experiences. However, increasing the percentage of DMT in the blend can very much so result in full-on astral travel. If you plan to smoke through a bong, you can make a simpler form of changa by just sandwiching the DMT between two layers of the herbal mix.

If you choose to smoke pure crystal DMT, it is advised to prepare your lungs by performing breathing exercises for a few minutes. Massaging your chest and thymus area while breathing in and out as much as possible should help. You will achieve the best results if you manage to smoke the entire dose of DMT in one long hit. However, with the harsh smoke being difficult to hold down, it will probably take you a few times to refine your technique.

However, considering the harsh smoke, it may take you a few times to refine your technique. Assuming proper technique, the quantity of DMT you should use is as follows: less than 20mg is considered a low dose, mg a standard one, and anything above 35mg a strong dose.

If smoking through a dry pipe or bong, remember that a significant amount of DMT may get lost in the process due to various factors such as condensation, overcooking, or shallow inhalation, so you may need more than cited in these recommendations. Many E-vapers swear by this method of DMT uptake, citing that doses needed are five to 10 times lower than for more analogue methods, and saying they have no intention of going back to them.

A powerful substance such as DMT should be approached with humility and respect. Are you just wanting to get insanely high or do you have something to resolve with, or learn about or from yourself or the universe? Some users report traveling to immensely powerful worlds and meeting incredible entities there.

dmt nexus trip reports

Should you find yourself in a similar scenario, it might be useful to bring along an inquiry or two. Be wise and try to take advantage of being exposed to eternal knowledge.

Always have a trusted sitter present. Smoking DMT alone is potentially very dangerous — you could hurt yourself or others, especially with a hot pipe and lighter. It can be useful to discuss your intention with your sitter, which may also help in the post-trip integration of the experience. As with most psychedelics, DMT is great to experience in nature. An isolated and secure spot with clean air, grass to lie down on and a beautiful vista to stare at or wake up to can hardly be beaten.

Seeing as the DMT trip is oriented intensely inward, many users prefer smoking it in the privacy of their room, with a trusted sitter present. The familiar environment offers a feeling of security and the trip is usually spent in a coma-like state of absence, for which your own bed is perfect. Being inside also has the advantage of temperature control.People who consume DMT describe visions of entities or "beings" that may range from animals to angels and machine elves.

Artists have been busy trying to depict this mysterious terrain. Lovecraft horror. There is great variety among these entities, but there are also some creatures that recur with surprising frequency. Humanoids or beings with primarily human attributes are probably the most common. As such, in psychedelic visions they may contribute to an understanding of our repressed tendencies and neuroses. There are a number of reports of blue or violet, luminescent, tentacled creatures resembling the jellyfish animal phylum Cnidaria.

Like the Cnidaria they are radially symmetrical in general body plan, but may have ciliated grooves at the edges of the mouths that make them perfectly divisible in only two planes.

Unlike the Cnidaria they inhabit some kind of suspension medium, or perhaps a low-gravity environment. Creatures with similar geometry but composed of a blue incandescent gas or liquid have also been reported. Some of the DMT creatures are more tellurian. Cats play a conspicuous role. Considering the ancient reputation of felines as familiars of the supernatural, as well as their feral genius for ecological adaptation, we should not be too surprised to find cats in hyperspace.

The jaguar is important in New World shamanism and frequently features in the imagery and cosmology connected to the Amazonian entheogen ayahuasca:.

dmt nexus trip reports

In DMT visions the cats may be benign or auspicious, but they may also be extremely frightening as in the following classic account of intramuscular DMT injection:. Reptiles are also reported with some regularity, especially immaculately black, shiny reptiles who are often bipedal and anthropomorphic.

Snakes figure as elements in a number of images depicting DMT trips.

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They are significant in many indigenous Amazonian cosmologies, where they are closely associated with the DMT-containing entheogen ayahuasca. Generally, giant lizards seem connected with impulses and instincts that many humans, and mammals generally, might consider highly antisocial or even psychopathic.

Anthropologist Michael Harner drank ayahuasca while living with the Untsuri Shuar of the Ecuadorian Andes in the early s.

dmt nexus trip reports

His account of his vision is very detailed and explicit, and consists largely of communications with large dragon like creatures, from which we may perhaps glean some understanding of how ill-adjusted the mammalian brain can find itself when ancient dragons are aroused:.

Harner also discussed the intimidating reptiles with an elderly shaman who explained that this was typical behaviour for the giant bat-like creatures. Harner, on ayahuasca, encountered malevolent entities but received a timely rescue. The speed of onset and the rate of DMT visions are much faster than those of ayahuasca.First things first.

Performing this procedure is illegal in most countries. I do not advocate performing it where illegal and I do not perform it myself where illegal. The intent of this tek is to simplify the extraction procedure as much as possible and make it doable for the average person in the average kitchen in an evening.

While I think that I have accomplished this, it does not mean that one does not have to do their homework. You should read a few teks before deciding on one and research the chemicals and procedures that you will be using.

You should treat this procedure as a starting point from which it is up to you to discover the best way to proceed based upon the materials and equipment available to you.

You should be left with somewhere in the vicinity of 0. It is perfectly smokable at this point, but it can be refined further by recrystallization. The idea behind recrystallization is that solvents generally hold more solute when hot than cold and that the solubility of different solutes varies differently with temperature. If a solvent with a lot of different solutes dissolved in it cools down slowly, the different solutes will precipitate individually.

Naptha will work for this but heptane is better. Heptane is available as Bestine — a rubber cement remover. Place a glass container with the DMT and a glass container of the recrystallization solvent together in a pan of hot water.


Shot glasses in a saucepan work well for a gram or two. The DMT will already be melting if the water is hot enough. Add the hot solvent little by little eye-dropperagitating until all of the DMT is dissolved.

Use as little solvent as possible. It should take only about 20—30mL of solvent per gram of powder. The solvent will be a clear yellow. Leave the pan of water with the DMT container to cool to room temperature. Remove the DMT container and cool in the refrigerator, then the freezer.

You will end up with DMT crystals of varying purity atop a pellet of slag which still contains quite a bit of DMT but also lye if you skipped the ammonia wash. Filter the solvent and separate the crystals from the slag. The crystals can be refined in one or two more recrystallizations into pure clear DMT if desired. The slag can also be further refined or simply redissolved into the next batch. The solvent can be reused or evaporated down and the residue scraped and cleaned.

According to Noman himself he was working on a revision that would include the following: [2]. Entropmancer advices the following to Noman: [3]. Pacman advices the following to Noman with all due respect: A new method of washing is now known that results is less loss of yield than the ammonia wash used in this tek.

An example of this wash can be found here. Kerberos would like to add to the advices given by Entropmancer: following Nomans tek and remarks regarding 1.

A] You'll get significantly better quality [r. Being eco-friendly and recycling is great and all that, but if you want to save the planet there's probably more productive ways in the long term than saving and reusing your naptha.